About Us

Balai Melayu-Museum Hotel is a piece of heaven right smack in Yogyakarta. Here you will be in the heart of Javanese culture of Yogyakarta but you will also learn about the Malay worlds through the existing mini museum in our hotel. You will then be able to experience the Malay world here. The architectural design of Malay traditional house or 'Balai' is an escape from your routine life, and you are also able to stay here too throughout your trip.

The museum hotel has various artifacts located in every corner of the hotel. Modern and traditional Malay artifacts greet you from room to room, and even the menu is Malay.More than that, you may also participate in cultural activities such as Silat Melayu (Malay martial arts) with techniques to protect yourself, cooking Malay foods, berbalas pantun (unrequited rhyme), wearing traditional Malay dress, learn Malay dance and so forth.

Balai Melayu-Museum Hotel is designed to ensure maximum seclusion for our guests; these rooms are set in traditional Malay house with a private balcony surrounded by tropical gardens. Beautiful and luxurious Malay Songkets (woven fabrics)colour the rooms thematically, from the bed, sofa cushions, chairs, and cabinets which demonstrate the charm of Malay culture.

Balai Melayu-Museum Hotel also provides a variety of facilities: a cafe for Malay foods and beverages, a library with thousands of Malay books, as well as departments that collect various Malay artifacts such as traditional weapons, tepak sirih (slap betel), agriculture equipment and fishing, musical instruments, a replica of the Malay palaces and houses, and Malay clothes.

Staying in the Balai Malayu Museum Hotel means that you contribute directly to the preservation of Malay culture. Your participation in our hotel is a fundraising effort for the continuity of Malay activities undertaken by the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture (BKPBM/Balai Kajian dan Pengembangan Budaya Melayu).

Various activities of BKPBM to preserve Malay culture include research on Malay culture and history those are embodied in our portals:http://melayuonline.comhttp://wisatamelayu.com, http://rajaalihaji.comhttp://tengkuamirhamzah.com, http://ceritarakyatnusantara.com, and http://kerajaannusantara.com.

Last but not least, the works on Malay culture have also been and are being carried out. BKPBM has published books on Malay, seminars, documenting and preserving Malay artifacts, creating replica of the Malay palaces, Malay kris, Malay dress and cloth, and many more.