Balai Melayu-Museum Hotel also provides attractive offers of various adventure packages. The packages are:

  1. Adventure packages
    • Cycling from temple to temple (Boko temple - Prambanan - Plaosan - Sambisari)
    • Cycling and pilgrimages to places of historic (Kotagede - Imogiri - Parangkusumo)
    • Cycling around the city of Yogyakarta (Kotagede - Malioboro - Sultan's Palace - Castle - South Square)
    • Merapi Mountain Biking
    • Biking to the tourist villages (Tembi - Kasongan)
    • Yoga Exercise
  2. Photography Package
    • Photography Architectural / historic buildings (Kraton Yogyakarta, Gede Kauman Mosque, Castle, Vredeburg, Candi Borobudur, Prambanan Temple)
    • Photography Landscape / Landscape (Mount Merapi, the beaches at South Mountain)
    • Human Interest Photography / human activities (traders and laborers in the market carrying Beringharjo, pottery makers, kris, gamelan, farmers in rice paddies)
  3. Exploration and Adventure Package
    • Cave tubing, caving in Gunung Kidul
    • Voyage to the white sand beach at Gunung Kidul
    • Rafting on Progo river
  4. Kriya Package
    • Learn batik
    • Learning to make pottery
    • Learn to make various handicraft
    • Learn to make natural dried flowers