Mahligai Puteri Bungsu

Cool, natural, as well as comfortable are the impressions of the green nuance room named Mahligai Putri Bungsu. Measuring of 3.4 x 3, 8 meters in deluxe room type, the room has a wide range of amenities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-Inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area.

The bed inside Magligai Putri Bungsu Room is full of Malay Songket clothes decoration, either on bed or on pillow. This white base color fabric with gold thread embroidery also looks congruous with the green shade nuance of the room.

The room is equipped with an artistic bathroom designed in similar with the one Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room. The green ceramic mosaic nuance also looks fit to the color of Magligai Putri Bungsu Room.