Mahligai Seri Laksamana

As the name implies, Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room indicates blue nuance symbolizes the sea. Besides the sea, the impression emerged from the room is an elegance and valor. It becomes more complete looking at the decoration of various Songket clothes beautifully blended with the facilities inside the room, such as on the bed, wardrobe, and the dressing chair.

Measuring of 7.2 x 3.6 meters in deluxe room type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. In addition, Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room also comes with a balcony that leads directly to gazebo, fishpond, and the view of tropical plants.

The bathroom in Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room is decorated with natural white-stone floor and an attractive sink. Various carvings also appear decorating the bathroom, even the door handle also comes in Malay Kris design.