Mahligai Seri Maharaja

Once entering the room, you will see the artistic values directly depicted from brown-nuance room decorated with Malay carvings, starting from the bed, three-door wardrobe, dressing table, windows, doors, even the door handles are designed in Malay Kris.

Measuring of 7.5 x 4 meters in junior suit type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 42-inch, air conditioning, sofa, three-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. The window inside the room has a view directly to the park covered a variety of tropical plants. In addition, the floor of Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room is made of a layer of very fine wood.

The bathroom in Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room is decorated with the theme of mosaic tiles and designed with a very artistic completeness shower, sink and luxurious artistic round-shaped bath.