Mahligai Seri Mersing

The yellow color as a typical Malay greatness seems in a strong character blended in this room. Measuring of 4.4 x 3.5 meters in deluxe room type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-Inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. The floor space is made of fine layer of wood.

Mahligai Seri Mersing Room is also decorated with Songket clothes combined in some parts, such as on the bed, wardrobe, dressing chair, and sofa. This white base color fabric with gold thread embroidery looks congruous with the yellow color dominating the room.

The interesting thing of Mahligai Seri Mersing Room lies on the bathroom roof that is made of glass so the natural sense can go straight to the bathroom. The roof gets direct light from the sun during the day and dim light of the moon at night. This feature matches with the black color of the walls and floor inside the bathroom.